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    We believe in differences, in beauty, and in excellence. We believe in the satisfaction of creating something that didn’t seem possible at first. We believe in respect: of people, of the environment and of our values. Searching deep down into the philosophy and vision that are behind every project. Whether enhancing a product or designing an exhibition, we want to get to know the full story behind each request, a story of people, experiences and ideas. At Machina this is our fuel, the lymph that runs through every one of our projects.

    Passion and curiosity have characterize this Florence based company and the people that work here for the last 40 years. “The challenge of taking on something new and unknown and confronting ourselves with new ideas is what we like most. Finding a solution for each different request together with project designers and suppliers is our everyday life. The height of our job? The moment we open to the public, when we discover how effective what we created really is.